Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Review Of Islamic Revolution- Part 9

It has been a while since I added anything new to my blog about "Islamic Revolution" in Iran. One of the reasons was the suspicion that the integrity of the information presented in the blog which was also published in some forums, has been compromised by some sources and I had no way of undoing. Shortly after the last segment of my blog about "Islamic Revolution" was published, an article in LA Times appeared which claimed that new findings by "Institute of Middle East Studies" indicate that American Republican Party had a role in rise of Khomeini in Iran. This article was published during the election days in which Mr. Obama had become a candidate for presidency for the first time.

In my search for such findings as claimed by the author of that article (who was an Iranian-American) I could not find anything and the sources related to "Institute of Middle East Studies" had no information about such discoveries. I raised my objection in an article which was published in one of the forums that published my writings stating that the meddling in the Iranian affairs during Islamic Revolution and in years and decades prior to that was in fact an American or even a Western issue rather than a political party issue. Because this matter was not organized in a party but through-out many years of strategic intelligence work and covert activities by American and British secret service agencies with a major role played by NATO which has greatest interest in Persian Gulf's oil.

These activities were in fact to destabilize Iranian government and bringing it down as part of the agenda to destabilize the region and prepare the grounds for western domination of region's energy sources.

Later events in the region and through-out the world points to a calculated plan for taking over the world's resources in a "New World Order" which thanks to awakening of some people and some nations, has not materialized yet. We can talk more about that under other topics but lets go back to the story of "Islamic Revolution" for now.


Today, it has come to light that Islamic Revolution in Iran was not really a spontaneous event which would take place as a result of uncontrollable sociological or economical issues. The purpose of bringing this matter into spotlight of debate and discussion is not to lay blame on a particular group or person or even government but to try to have an objective view of what really happened through out the years and even decades prior to this extremely important event in the history of our nation and one of the major events in modern history of the world. As a nation, it is our responsibility to try to analyze and understand this matter in an impartial way and make serious effort to rectify our methods and behaviors towards the issues, which resulted in such upheaval with destructive tendencies of such magnitude. It goes without saying that a single view can never be sufficient to find all the truth about such enormous event.

A thorough and broad research in the events and available documents and information, away from biases, should help us in reaching a solution to avoid such issues in future. It is not wise to forget about our own ignorance and responsibilities in this regard as much as it is important not to ignore influence of external factors with pseudo intellectualistic labels like "conspiracy theory" and so on. My findings tell me that Islamic Revolution was not "inevitable" and could be stopped at different stages easily but certain elements were missing at certain points from which "wisdom" and "patriotism" at higher levels in the system and among major key-position holders, are a couple to mention. Also, miscalculation of leadership, including late Mohammad Reza Shah himself, about the Iranians capabilities in a confrontation with western powerful elements and the capabilities of western powers to influence Iranian society, can't be disregarded.

A while back, I saw an article by Ms. Fariba Amini which had been published originally in Iranian.com in the year 2006 under title of: “Perseverance and honor” . The article includes an interview with Mr. Abbas Amirentezam who used to hold different positions in provisional revolutionary government headed by Mr. Bazargan in year 1979. Mr. Amirentezam was later removed from his position as ambassador of Islamic Republic and imprisoned after take over of American Embassy by Islamic revolutionaries. He was kept in prison for many years with the charges of espionage but was never trialled in a court and although he had never been cleared of those charges, he was permitted to leave prison in recent years. Mr. Amrientezam in his interview has spoken about his extensive research on Islamic Revolution and indicated that he was preparing to publish a book in that regard (I believe that book is published by now). In a part of interview, Mr. Amirentezam responds to a question about if Islamic Revolution was "pre-planned":

*"There comes a time when conditions are ripe for change. In prison, you have all the time to read and reflect. I tried to examine all the events in world history as compared to our own. Up until 1979, the Shah had consolidated all of the power within himself. But if the time had not been right, and all the events had not been properly aligned, Mr. Khomeini would not have been brought from Najaf, taken to Neauphle-le-Chateau in France, given full access to international media, and then brought to Iran. So, in more ways than one, this was the exact right moment for the subsequent events to occur. Savak burned buildings and created the chaos and internal strife necessary to take the Shah down. Consequently, our people became innocent victims of this well planned out charade. There were three Texas Commerce Instrument employees in Ghassr prison. They invited a bunch of hooligans to create chaos and incited people to come to the streets, open the prisons, thus letting criminals out. What began with a few hundred people quickly turned into massive and wide scale demonstrations."*

And in another part he responds to "how he came to conclusion about involvement of foreign elements in downfall of Bazargan government":

*"With ample time in prison, I had the opportunity to review many history books. Thus, I came to the conclusion that many decisions were made more than fifty years ago. The Truman administration had concluded that in order to destroy the Soviet Union without going into war, seeing that both nations had the bomb, and avoiding a global nuclear catastrophe, they would use other plans. They had a 50 year plan to get rid of the Soviet Union without actually engaging in war. I am convinced, just like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Noam Chomsky, that what took place in 1979 in Iran, the rest of the events in the Middle East- the Iran-Iraq war, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and Iraq's invasion of Kuwait were part of this plan which eventually led to the destruction of the Soviet Union. The result was the re-distribution of the world and the Middle East. The rest of my thoughts and analyses, which are elaborated on, are in my book. "*

Although I personally would not agree with everything that Mr. Amirentezam says in his interview but I believe he is right in many parts of his views even if they are not result of 100% accurate information. Many of U.S. Government's secret documents have been declassified in 2006 and afterwards and it is obvious that Mr. Amirentezam could not have access to information in those documents at that time and this matter definitely would have some effect on accuracy of his conclusions. In recent years, a fashionable misconception has appeared among Iranian educated people as a symbol of "intellectualism" and political maturity in which all blames for revolution are squarely put on the shoulders of the previous system and Iranian people themselves while dismissing any possibility of influence and meddling from outside elements. This can only be interpreted as political naivety displayed through intellectualistic cliché if not an intentional attempt to disregard indisputable facts and distort the truth about strong presence of external influence and well planned strategy from outside forces.

Thousands of pages of documents declassified by American government in recent years, on the side of information which has been disclosed by some of old revolutionary elements who had access to the core of Islamic Revolution and defected later, have provided an opportunity to take a realistic look into this event in order to find the truth. What really happened in 1979 in Iran? This is the question that I will try to address in as much details as possible in my writings, which have come in different segments so far, and with the help of available sources, without taking rumors and speculations into account. These sources include, but not limited to: memoirs and interviews of individuals who were involved in political and revolutionary affairs related to Iran at different levels, books written by people who were present in Iran and had an official role during the decades and years leading to Islamic Revolution, books written by others that contain some well documented information, declassified documents of United States and British governments where available, and other sources.

One of the growing trends in the politics of Iranian opposition in recent years has been total disregard for presence and effects of external elements in forming and directing the events, which led to rumbling of the system in Iran in the year 1979. While this is true that the more important question at hand is “what to do with current situation” but there should be absolutely no doubt that we have to dig what really happened in our country so we can avoid falling in the same traps when trying to find a solution.

The gestures expressed by western nations especially Americans through different means, may indicate that they are really interested in resolving the current impasse facing Iranian people while distinguishing between Iranian people and the government through their acknowledgments that how Iranians deserve better than Islamic regime. But the truth is far from that. Through out the years, we have witnessed all kinds of secret and open dealings between westerners and Islamic government, which despite all their claims about their love for human rights and democracy, all they did was to empower the evil government in Iran against Iranian people in order to ease their own grip and dominance on the resources of the region as part of a bigger plan for world's dominance.

The essence of behavior of western nations towards Iran and Iranians can be seen through the views, which have been expressed by American and British government towards Iranians and are available in their official documents. In these documents, we see Americans and British indicate that they believe democracy is incompatible with Iranian society and is an alien concept to them. I have published some of these official documents in previous parts and also some other documents, which could provide us with information on how westerners tried to influence politics in our nation for their own universal interests through a long term plan to manipulate Iranian opposition forces.

Another issue, which can be only interpreted as an “intellectualistic” gesture by some Iranians is to dismiss anything related to the role of external elements in the historical events of last 40-50 years and calling them “conspiracy theory”. This kind of behaviors towards such important issue is a by-product of Iranian opposition’s incompetence, which has not been able to provide a valid explanation for being manipulated by a mullah and about their own failures while blaming everything on Iranian people and previous system.

When we see that Khomeini who was just an unknown figure to big majority of Iranians in 1978, was considered the best candidate for the position of “pishva” or Shiite leader by American state department about 10 years earlier, then we need to look more carefully at everything related to Khomeini before and after that time. Series of the events, which moved Khomeini to the position to become the most effective and influential force in Shiite sect was beyond his own imagination let alone ordinary Iranian people and clueless Iranian opposition. Many obscure and mysterious figures were at work throughout the years for different reasons to make the events of 1979 possible and from those, a few can be detected and analyzed through careful examination of available sources to show us how our society was misled to the current mess and for what reasons.

To be continued...

Sohrab Ferdows
Dec 24th/2013