Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Review Of Islamic Revolution In Iran- Part 11 (one of many documents)

There are many different cases that US Embassy and American intelligence agencies have worked to gather intelligence about the mood in different sectors of society. This is apart from regular reports under so called "national intelligence estimate" which were reported to CIA headquarters at least once a year but sometimes 3 or 4 times, and possibly more, during the same year regarding a subject of interest. The following report in fact is part of "State Department" documents (one of many) but it would eventually end up in the hands of NSC (National Security Council) of United States for review and making related decisions on policy. The date on this report indicate the year 1971 but it is obvious that the related study has been conducted since much earlier. It is eerie to know while Iranian government considered itself an ally of the west and counted on their helpfulness to implement projects for advancement of the nation and while western government pretended to be friends of Iranians, secret agendas for "change" in Iran were being prepared through projects to manipulate Iranian people in steering them to a desired direction which would serve the interests of certain elements within western power structure. I will publish more documents from different intelligence agencies and government departments of USA later.


Sohrab Ferdows
April, 3rd/2014